Model airplanes fuel a plot

In my dream I work for a top secret spy organization. There is a large table with a model of an airport. There are big model airplanes, all commercial jetliners, about 18 inches long and painted red, blue, green, and yellow. Circuitry on the table allows for taxi-ing, takeoffs and landings so we can simulate … More Model airplanes fuel a plot


Last night’s anxiety dream began in Victorian London and friendly with a well known dressmaker. The dressmaking shop had grown by leaps and bounds and employed several people including (male) accountants and clerks. But these fellows had gone behind their bosses’ backs and made a deal to bring dresses to America to sell. Miss Gonzaga … More Maverique

The Feast

Four boys were traveling together- stopped in a house – the smart one started to suspect that something was strange. He thought there were vampires or some other threat. One night he watched as the screws fastening a piece of wood to the floor started to open and glow. A whole troupe of people were … More The Feast